My Wicked Wife, the Not so Human

SithLordess Sci-Fi

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Nessie and Kyier have left for Nessie's home world of Wrexa. Her family welcomes her along with her new family with ease,but clearly expect her to rule. She still has dreams and is still haunted by the feeling the killer is still out there. She also feels like Kyier isn't as happy as he says he is.

Kyier is still keeping secrets and definitely isn't the man Nessie thinks he is. Will he be found out and if he is, what happens? He no longer has home planet advantage.


Tags: Second ChanceOuter SpaceArranged MarriageSadisticPsychoDramaTragedyTwistedGirlpowerContestBxG
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Chapter 4

Unknown Killer

    I stare at the broken body of my assistant. They thought he was dead. Fools.He was hurt, crawling towards death's door, but quite saveable. Oh Eric. Why? I told you in due time we would handle Nessie. I just wanted to draw more of her powers out and use it. You just had to jump the gu……