The Alpha's Academy

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What do you do when suddenly you realize werewolves, vampires ,fairies, witches elves, and Zagr are all really all your fairytales and the stuff nightmares are made of are all real.Alpha of the Fairy clan a hybrid
Alpha of the Werewolves clan
Alpha of the Vampires
Alpha of the Elves Clan pledge their support to Zara.
Zara has lived an ordinary life for almost 18 years of her life. Having lost both parents fate forced her to live with her Aunt Rose. Zara recieves a suprise informing her of a scholarship to the pretigious Rankade University.
However , she is in for a suprise as she discovers Rankade University is for beings that are far from natural. Join Zara on this journey as she finds friends, romance and questions to answers she never knew.


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