The Adventures of A Fat Girl

Yogada Panse Teen fiction

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The story is about a Hazel Campbell, a girl who is tormented to no end by the bullies in highschool because of her excessive weight. She always stands up for herself and shows off a strong demeanour but that is a facade for the world to see. From the inside she's broken and depressed. She has her own problems to deal with. Her family moves to New York and Hazel's life takes an unexpected turn.

Follow Hazel on her journey of life in which she encounters many hardships and fall outs but she overcomes them with a smile on her beautiful face.


Tags: FamilyKarma/DestinySecond ChanceHighschoolBullySensitiveKickass HeroinePowerfulBillionairessDrama
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"So, how was your first day? I really do hope the people were kind to you and if not, they are dead meat when I come there", this is the first sentence I hear after closing the door of Harriet's room. 

"Don't worry. They all were really sweet actually. They even helped to find the respective classes and the cafeteria", suddenly I stop……