Trap With MR.Bettencourt


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I felt his body deepening on me,I gasp for air with the sudden weight.
He took it as a chance to devoured my open mouth exploring it, luring my tongue to dance with his.
I couldn't help the moan that escaped my lips.
His so damn aggressive and those scent of whisky with a mixture of his manly yet intoxicating scent that makes my brain shutting down.
I could feel those bulging things down there poking my belly and legs.
i can't help but to feel wet and ready for him and I don't know if I can stop this.
“Running away is difficult specially from your love once,
but meeting a Croesus aloof guy with an S.A. disorder who falls in love with you at first sight, Is like a bolt in a blue..

But what if you find out a deep sad secret connecting the two of you since birth?
Will you still stay?
Or will you see things in a different way?


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Chapter-67*Final Chapter*

We chatted about everything after our diner, I made some tea for both of us and we drank it while listening to some relaxing piano music.

Time went flying Nico decided to stay by my side attending to all of my needs while my stomach grows.

Five months later,i felt my water broke and I quickly grab the bag I prep……