Trap With MR.Bettencourt


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” I felt his body deepening on me,I gasp for air with the sudden weight.
He took it as a chance to devoured my open mouth exploring it, luring my tongue to dance with his.
I couldn't help the moan that escaped my lips.
His so damn aggressive and those scent of whisky with a mixture of his manly yet intoxicating scent shut my brain down.
I could feel those bulging things down there poking my belly and legs.
I can't help but to feel wet and ready for him and I don't know if I can stop this

Running away is difficult specially from your love once,
but meeting a Croesus aloof guy with an S.A. disorder who falls in love with you at first sight, Is like a bolt in a blue..

But what if you find out a deep sad secret connecting the o of you since birth?
Will you still stay?
Or will you see things in a different way?


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