Feline Love

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Kevin has always been an aloof, hardworking programmer who goes home to his cat. All he does is work and home and taking care of his weird, beloved feline who seems to be conversing with him with every meows.

Lonely during his birthday which nobody remembered, he went home to his cat as always, slightly intoxicated. Moved by his loneliness, he lighted the candle of the chocolate cake he bought for himself, he wishes for his cat to be a person so he could have someone to really talk to.

Unbeknownst to Kevin, the feline named Abey also understands every word he says and feel his emotions. She wishes the same, to become a person so that she could comfort him.

But then, their wishes came true.


Tags: SexKarma/DestinyBody ExchangeNerdAloofComedySweetBxG
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**Kevin's POV**

"Wake up, Kev..." a voice, calm and serene whispered to my ear, using the nickname I haven't heard for a long time.

My parents died when I was young and mom used to call me Kev. My uncle had taken me in paid for my school but right after graduation, he asked me to move out and live on my own a……