Eudora's Gift


Maureen Atsali YA&Teenfiction

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Book 1 in the Eudora Series

Eudora has been living with her abusive, alcoholic uncle for as long as she can remember. She is bullied at school, and rejected in the community. Her only solace is in the woods, where the trees whisper to her and give her strength and comfort. But since she has turned 18 she has been having strange dreams, of an unfamiliar man in the forest. Her dreams turn into reality, when her substitute English teacher walks in to her life.


Tags: fatedmatesensitivepowerfuldramabxgwerewolvesspecial abilitylonelyWriting AcademyWriting Academy
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In a hospital room in Atlanta, Dominic Brown stroked his wife’s hand.  The lights were turned down dim, and only the vital monitors illuminated the expensive, private room. The latest round of chemo had been rough on Penny Brown.  Her skin was translucent now, and as delicate as crepe paper over her emaciated body. ……