The Fire he Ignited in Me

M.L. Hatter Romance

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When the shy southerner Annabelle crosses paths with a burly firefighter named Trent, she immediately spikes his interest. It becomes somewhat of a personal goal for him to bring the event planner out of her shell, but feelings he'd been trying to hide from the start slip further into view each day. After hiding his affections curtesy of both an age Gap and due to some past
issues of his own, is it possible for the firefighting hero to express how he feels? Can Annabelle accept him the way he is, even with some trouble of her own getting in the way?


Tags: DarkPossessiveEscape being PregnantBadboyKinkyGoodgirlDramaTragedyComedy
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Chapter 25

7 months later...
"Almost... Gheeeh!"
Giving up on reaching for the sock that fell to the ground, I sigh in frustration and put a hand on
my stomach. 
It's like someone stuck a half pumped excersize ball and my shirt and now I can't reach anything
below my knees!
I turn my eyes towards the stairs that separate my living room an……