Call For Ruins. (Playing Him)


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"I can't believe he'd betray me..." He slumped agat the couch, his shoulders hunched.

I smirked mentally, my heart soaring in happiness at the remorse on his face. With sympathy pouring out of my smile, I neared him, placing myself beside him as I trailed my soothing hand on his back.

"Perhaps he wasn't what you thought." I remarked snidely.

'Nor am I.'

He snapped his gaze on me, on tant trapping my face in the palms of his hands. "You'll never betray me." He stated, not a request it was, neither a demand but he thought was a fact, for 'I' had made him believe so.

"Never." I affirmed, gazing at him with every ounce of love.

'Never will I forgive you.'

Fearing and unwilling to drag his daughter in the vicious spotlight, Alvin Silvinok sent his daughter away, where she indulged herself in the normal life while also preparing herself to take her spot in the business world in the future.

Completing her studies, Hera returns to her father only to see him falling on the feet of a stranger who shrugged him off, not so kindly. The echos of laughter of the stranger rang through her ears as she watched the scene away from the vicinity of the scene. Everything was taken away from them but her thirst for vengeance wasn't, 'she was never lost' and she was going to have it all back, all of what belonged to them and the stranger...

A dangerous tale of revenge and games but beware for this heroine isn't like any other you've ever come across. And it seems 'he' had just made a big mistake by hurting her loved ones and she was going to make Carter Stein pay 'to make each tear count.'


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Chapter 12- Familiarity Of The Fate.

In every battle there's a scar, one you never knew you possessed, until it became known and the wound came undone, infected and proved fatal.

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