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" I want to talk to you about your innocence and me taking it" he had said it with emotionless expression and it gave me chills.

"Do you usually pick up virgins and tell them that you going to fuck them and they have no say in it, Mr?" I had asked and I did not know where I got all the courage.

"No, I am not that sick of a bastard." he had said. "You went there for an experience and I am offering you one. You can say no; no one is forcing you to do anything." He told me, how the hell did the guy know I was there to have some fun. He had scared me away; I am practical doing something that I shouldn't be doing but hey? You live once in life and this was my chance and I was not going to miss it because I was scared what the end result would be.

"Fine Mister, I am desperate to experience life just this once. You better make it memorable" That is what I had said and memorable was it because till this day, I remember that day and I don't regret the choice I made, because it made me who I am today. It had to lead me to the most amazing and happy life. Yes, there were times that I had cried and times that I had a broken heart but I look back now and you know what? I appreciate those times and I am grateful till this day.!


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