Fated to Be Yours

Anushka Arora Romance

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Are two different people are always mention to be?
This is the story of their love.
Read this story and know how a little girl can be the thred to samishka and vihan's heart.

Samishka mehra : 24 years old, gorgeous women with a daughter of 5 years old ishani mehra. These both are each others lives. For sami aka samishka Ishu aka ishani, her daughter is her world. Living happily in deheradun (India)

Vihan malhotra : what do you think he can be cool funky badass guy... Yeah he was but not anymore. He is 27 years old. Handsome, rich but wants to own his own business

When these two people from two totally different worlds collide with each other what will happen? Come and find out on this journey with ANUSHKA


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