The Alpha & The Dark Witch Queen


Alyssa W. Paranormal

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Pythia comes from a long line of dark witches, she killed her mother for her reckless behavior and becomes the queen of the dark witches and teamed up with the Great White Witch and the vampire queen to fight in the battle to keep the balance in all the different worlds, she meets her mate, Tye in the great battle. Tye is the great white witches brother and a alpha. Together they will embark on a battle to correct the elders and take a step forward to peace among the dark witches, the road is long especially when they find out Pythias true royalty line. When realms collide and the moon goddess has to step in and aid because of the new found threat Pythia is forced to train harder, work harder and plan for the absolute unexpected but, as she learns her true powers she starts to realize that she can handle anything that may threaten her and her family.
The vampire queen (Ambrosia) and Pythia will become close and discover the true origins of their pasts. They rely on each other when their mates are not around. New family is discovered and it is time they all come together to face one of the toughest moments in the dark witches history.


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***This is it, this will be the last chapter you guys! Ambrosia and Jacksons story has already begun but that book picks up where this one will leave off. I want to thank each and every one of you for reading and staying with me this long. I hope you will all start the third book in this series! I have enjoyed writing Pythia and Tyes story……