A Love Worth Dying for

Leslie J. Wilcox Romance

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What happens when the king of porn crashes into an ex nun and science nerd with the body of Venus, sparks and a sizzling attraction that leads to love and danger. Garrick had hit rock bottom when he met Melody, her innocence called to his damaged heart and soul. He thought she would save him from the depths he'd fallen, he didn't know that in saving him he would have to save her from a power mad billionaire that wanted Melody for both her mind and body and who would kill anybody that got in his way. It will take all Garrick's army training and all his resolve to pull Melody out of a living hell and perhaps insure the happy ending they both deserve.


Tags: ActionAdventureSexKidnapFriends to LoversBadboyNerdGoodgirlGentleDrama
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            It took almost six months before everyone’s lives settled into normalcy again; Garrick, Keith, Grant and the rest of the rescue team were all regarded as heroes for bringing down Daniel Bently and setting all the prisoners free. They were hailed in all the media and made appearances on all the talk shows. Kane was th……