Billionaire Rough Sex / The Legend

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"Now you know me more than anyone else, you do know my darkest part, before letting you walk out of this room, you should know the worst of me." he gazed at me, as if he wanted an answer from me. I'm not a witch for god sake?! I don't even get why I'm here till that point!

"How?" I dropped my jaw.

"let me show you how I rape anyone?" he shrugged his shoulders and mumbled.

Suddenly he rushed towards me and throw me to a table, handcuffing my hands and tied my legs to a stick, he flipped my body, and started beating butt roughly, it was something I can handle until he started to beat me on my back and my ass by his waist belt, it was so painful, I was screaming, I begged him to stop it but he never did, he did more and more, scratching my back by his nails, flipping me again to my back and grazing my nipples by his teeth, he looked so angry, as different man... but he dragged me from my hair and pushed me down to his feet arcing up my butt.

Then he pushed his dick inside my pussy brutally like crazy, while snorting and groaning and repeating only one line 'we almost done and you will be mine forever,' I couldn't understand anything as if my mind was shut down. He was fucking me harder and deeper while choking my neck. suddenly everything went dark and I fainted. I tried my best to stay conscious but I couldn't.


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