Dragon Street series bk1: UNFORTUNATE MATES

Lyn Monreal Fantasy

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At seventeen, Meredith thought she had her life figured out until she found herself caught up in a wrangle between two brothers. It doesn't help that one is a dragon shifter and the other is a vampire. Suddenly all she thought she knew about herself and the town she grew up, turns foreign. A red dragon mate, an unforgiving vampire hell bent on making everyone's life miserable, a witch on a quest to get power for herself, a warlock with a sweet side, a pack of leopard shifters tormenting the small town and not forgetting the undeniable truth of her being made up magic.

The innocent small town is not so innocent after all. As a matter of fact, it is the realm of both pure and dark magic. One wrong move and Meredith could put the entire town in jeopardy.


“Really? I doubt you’ll make it half as miserable as you make Meredith’s life. You pretend not to care about her and then you don’t want to see her happy with someone else. Just what the fuck is your problem Brian?” Reid spit.

“My problem is you being near her,” Brian spat back.

“And why is that Brian? Why does it bother you that I’m near her?”

“Because she is mine. Meredith is fucking mine,”



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23. Hurt



Brian bared his teeth, ripping through his own clothes or more like burn through them as he felt his dragon take over. He didn’t care whether they were in the middle of the road. Only anger blinded him as he lunged forward tackling the leopard shifter to the ground, throwing him against a tree with his tai……