Keeping Superman’s Secret


Ally Parker Romance

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“You could’ve gotten yourself killed!” He took one more big step forwards so his chest was almost pressing against mine. His blue eyes lit up with his anger, blazing on mine and capturing me all at once. His hair was messed up beneath his mask as if he’d been running his hands through it and it made me want to reach up and knot my own hands in it. All I could do was stay frozen under his intense gaze, trembling not in the aftermath of today’s events, but in fear that he may never forgive me. In fear that I would never see him like this again.
“Never do that again” Onyx whispered this time, his voice calming in alignment with his now softening eyes. His hand cupped my cheek, and I swear I could see his eyes begin to water. The anger that he had held seemed to fade away, and instead he pleaded with me. I nodded my head, still unable to move. He had never been this close to me before. My chest pressed against his and I could feel the rise and fall of his breath.
“Forgive me,” he whispered and before I could wonder what he meant his lips were crashing down onto mine. I froze only momentarily to ponder whether this was really happening, but as his lips moved against mine I felt my body come alive. I was kissing Onyx, he was kissing me, and it was like the whole world around us had come to a stop.
Up until now, Allison had survived her entire high school career unscathed. With less than 4 months until graduation, she’s got her life all figured out. She’s secured a stable part time job that allows her to save money for school while also working side by side with her best friend, and is already making plans to attend her dream college in the fall. But all this changes when Allison catches danger’s eye and is suddenly running into Onyx, San Fransisco’s local superhero more than she’d like to. While she was never one of the screaming fan girls begging for Onyx’s attention, Allison has caught it and now she can’t help but wonder - who’s behind the mask?


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To say I was jittery would be an understatement of the century. All morning I’d been on edge. So much so that I’d already spilt my coffee twice, a dead giveaway that something was off but no one seemed to notice. Or if they did, they didn’t overanalyze it like I was and had yet to blatantly confront me about it. The first time was when Ben c……


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