The King's Heiress

Jhay.10 Romance

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He is well known king in business world, as his name would never go missing in each and every business around New York City.

She is an heiress, the queen of her own that no one heard before, not after she took over her father's small business of architecture firm with some small real estate connection. But soon it changed as her name popped out of nowhere followed by her achievements in just short of time.

They met more than anyone could imagine. It is like fate doing some good thing out of these people.

Fates that is destined to each other. But no own knows how will things will end.

Both smart, self composed and. Both on their own high seats. No one knows who would go lower their self first, who will remain seated high and how long.

Author`s note: This is my first time writing, I'm open with criticism and comments, as I am new and not so good at this, so I hope you guys could help me while you subscribe, note and share this one.


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