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Sandro Montreal is a thirty year old billionaire frat man who travels around the world to collect artifacts and other archaeological representations of the past for his interest and business. His world focuses on history, cruise, business, money and women. But his comfortable and luxurious life turns into hell when he mistakenly brought home a Viking horn which was believed to contain the soul of a valiant Viking warrior who was
punished by a cruel tribe’s chieftain.

For more than 1,000 years, the soul of Halvar, the Ironside remains trapped inside the Viking horn. The key to his freedom was written on the horn in Runic alphabet. It states that “Only a virgin’s blood has the power to bring him back to life.” Ngunit walang sino man sa makabagong panahon ang nakakaalam noon.

Yvonne Mitchell is a half-British, half-Filipino college student whose only mistake is to join the History class field trip to Montreal Museum, only to be involved in Halvar’s resurrection and becomes the object of his carnal desires.

Now, Sandro Montreal has the sole responsibility to save her from doom. And there’s only one way to do it. He must take Yvonne’s virginity whether she likes it or not before Halvar finds her.

Ngunit inangkin ba niya ang dalaga upang iligtas lang ito o dahil lihim niya itong minamahal? At sumang-ayon ba ito para lang sa sariling kaligtasan o dahil may lihim na rin itong pagtingin sa kanya? Can two hearts find true love in the midst of anger, vengeance and mysticism? Will they be able to uncover the dark secrets of the past?

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Halvar growled when he reached his first climax.  The pleasure was undeniably intense but his hunger for carnal gratification was not satiated.  Matagal niya itong hindi naranasan.  Para sa isang Viking na katulad niya, ang kawalan ng pakikipagniig sa mahabang panahon  ay hindi pangkaraniwan.

 Masikip ang l……