How Dare You Touch My Girl

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Scarlett worked part-time at a nightclub. One day, the manager spiked her drink and tried to drag her into a room reserved for special guests with a penchant for pretty girls.
 As Scarlett found herself in extreme danger, on the verge of being raped by a strange man, someone appeared by her side and came to her rescue. Scarlett desperately rushed towards that man and fell into his arms. “Help me…”, her voice trembled.
 The man held her tightly in his arms and turned to the manager, “How dare you touch my girl?” Scarlett was saved. But at that time, she had no idea that this man none other than the international businessman Mr. Eden Spencer.
 Fate had played a trick on her. As time went on, Scarlett did, indeed, become Mr. Spencer’s woman. But there was trouble in paradise. Theirs was not a tale of unconditional love. To Scarlett’s sorrow, Mr. Spencer said that he saw her as just another mistress all along...


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Chapter 277 Happy Ending!

When Scarlet woke up, it was eight o’clock in the morning. She rolled around in bed for a few moments before sitting up. Her head felt heavy.

“You’re awake!” Eden said as he walked into the bedroom from the balcony. He smiled at her. “I thought you’d be out for hours. Aren’t you jetlagged? How long was the flight from Lisbon to ……