Joanne Lauren Vampire/Werewolf

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Lily Miller, a shewolf-hybrid who just turned eighteen on the Halloween night figured out that she couldn't do her first shift even after biting her birthday cake. Not knowing that Javier Reeves, her childhood friend, the one and only vampire she trust was putting a curse on the necklace that he gave her as the birthday present. Lily thought that her life would be just like some other shewolf after her birthday, finding her mate and so on. Who would know that she's going to be mate of the Alpha-who is also the Lycan? Victor Northstar, who is a rebel that doesn't believe that he have to stick to his mate for the rest of his life. What kind of surprises that will waiting for Lily? Would she even find out the real identity of herself while everyone around her was actually lying to her?


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"So, what happened earlier before I come?" Lily broke the silence as two of them walking side by side.

"What do you mean?" Jonathan knew well what Lily means with her question but he loves to play dumb. Unlike Jeremy and Vietha who were worrying about Victor more, Jonathan feel curious about Lily more.

He didn't mean it in bad ……