The mafia man - on going


Emma Louise Romance

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Orlando Green is part of the English mafia looking for his queen to share his life with. Kacey Leigh is in year 11 at Hilton crescent high she catches the 20 year olds eye when she is leaving for the day. Once he approaches her her life will change for ever if she accepts him and what he stands for.
“Please let me go I don’t belong in your world !”
“My world is you’re world Kacey you agreed to being mine and you will stay mine through thick and thin.”
“Please let me go!”
“Mine!” He roared.


Tags: billionairemurderdarksexage gapmanipulativetwistedno-couplehighschoolmultiple personality
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This day couldn’t have got any worse currently we are on our own Daniel has taken Milly somewhere fuck knows wheee but I knew one thin this house was fucking huge and you could easily get lost in it. I am not sure if she knows what these guys are part of snd I really don’t want to burst her bubble seeing now happy she is with Daniel he’s done so……