Bedroom Negotiations With Mr. Dunn (Boys of Chicago Book #2)

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Boys of Chicago Series #2

Graziella Fuller came from a well-off family. Her family owns a huge airline that has always been on the top of the pyramid for the past decades. But their reputation seemed to have gotten downhill when her parents were murdered in a vehicular ambush on their way to an exclusive elite event.

The accident has taken a toll on their business. They were about to face bankruptcy and lose the whole company—everything that her parents have worked hard for. And it was something Graziella couldn’t bear to let go. She loved their business because her parents worked hard for it and she vowed to herself that she would save it—whatever it takes.

Even if she has to negotiate with the devil. Even if she had to negotiate with Porter Alejandro Dunn.

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Tags: BillionaireRevengeSexOfficeDominantManipulativeSubmissiveBillionairessDramaBxG
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I am so grateful to all of you who are supporting me and reading my works. I hope you are doing well in life and in your endeavors AND I hope you are happy with the BOC boys. :)

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