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Olivia have had a tough life . She was constantly abused , beaten and degraded. So she takes the first chance and run away only to stumble upon a world she didn't know existed.

Meet Olivia -a young, beautiful and kind hearted girl who knows how to handle a situation wisely.

Meet Damien- a hot and sexy vampire who has turned cold after being alone for centuries.

Follow these two on their journey and discover emotions you never felt before.


Tags: VampireWerewolfDarkLove-triangleReincarnationKidnapKarma/DestinyDramaComedyBxG
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The atmosphere was tensed and the silence that hung around was a deadly one. Everyone had their hearts in their mouth. They had no idea what to expect next or when will her pain end.

The kind of pain that even god would not be able to bear. Her screams echoed through the halls sending a jolt of pain to her lover's heart. He didn't w……