Billionaire Fight Club: Fight of My Life (COMPLETED)


J. L. Smith Romance

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"I couldn't believe it was really him... after all this time. The lightening bolt that shot down my spine when his eyes made contact with mine lit a fire that I had ceased to think existed. He had been my everything."

Fighting his way to make Billions, Liam Kelly, known as "The King of the UFC," has had a chip on his shoulder for the past five years. His first love--and love of his life--had rejected him. To survive, he has thrown himself into the fighting world, making a name for himself and climbing to the top. Liam has been trying hopelessly to fill the void that she has left, but can't shake the feeling that she was always "The One."

The five years have come and gone, and by a stroke of luck, fate has brought the two lovers back together under the same roof. Will he take this opportunity to win her back? Or will he let her slip through his fingers once again?

Sofia LaRocca, the young and beautiful lawyer, has been working hard to create a life for herself outside of her family. After leaving everything in her past behind, and finishing her degree, she's on a set path to the top of the corporate ladder. But, something is missing. She left the man of her dreams with the rest of her youth, and has never recovered from the hurt he put her through.

Now, as fate often does, another opportunity for love is in her lap. Will she go for a new adventure, or try to recover everything her past has stolen from her?


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Bonus Epilogue

It was the perfect day.  

I breathed in a sigh of relief that it had finally gotten here.  Smoothing down the lace of my skirts, I stood behind the closed doors, ready to walk in and complete the last part of my family's little puzzle. 

"Are you ready?"  Rosie asked, flowers clutched in her hands as she adjus……