Sister Pact: One Night Stand (book 1)

Eugenia Zantoto Romance

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Three sisters (Viola, Amber and Scarlet) Albertson make a Pact to never get married and to spend their entire life partying their lives away. But what happens when viola goes to party and that party has consequences.
After an explosive one stand with Tate Johnson, the man who introduced Himself as John Callaghan, Viola runs away. Only to show up in Tate’s home town pregnant with his baby.
Can Viola keep the Pact that she made with her sisters?


Tags: PossessiveSexOne-night StandOpposites AttractSecond ChancePregnantArrogantBossDramaSweet
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Chapter 39: Lets Smile

Eight days later

Tate sat down on the porch by himself, thinking like he’d been doing for the past three days. Since his grandfather’s death, Tate had been doing some serious thinking by himself about his life in general. Seeing his grandfather die minutes after they had made amends, made Tate realize the importance of people……