Little Luna and the Big Bad Wolf


Robin Palmer Paranormal

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Fate has a funny way of playing with your emotions.

Sterling River Lam the Luna of the briar wood pack had lost her fated mate, Jasper.

Not long after the final good-bye to her one true love, she sat praying to the moon goddess above that her heart wouldn't hurt forever.

You see the pain of losing a fated mate was agonizing and Sterling cried herself to sleep most nights. Tonight should have been the same, but there was a welcome dinner to welcome the relative of the former Gamma, his grandson.

What will Sterling do when she meets the so called "Big Bad Wolf"


Tags: second chancefriends to loversshiftersensitivepowerfulconfidentdramatragedywerewolvesmagical worldWerewolf/Billionaire LGBT+ Writing Contest Ⅱ
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*Greyson's pov*

Missy had apparently been trying to mind link me for over an hour and a half. Sterling was in labour, and they had taken her to the clinic. I was still reeling from the fact that we defeated the rogue's who attacked our pack. Now, I was about to become a father. My head was feeling overwhelmed as I made my way across……