Married to the Serial killer


Neha Kanade Romance

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their life was like a fairy tale, she is his princess, she never wants anything more than that. he proposed her and she said yes, that day was the happiest day of his life and soon they tied the knot of love with each other.

she is sitting on her knees, heavy rain is feeling on her, 150 murders and she had no clue who is doing.

the whole society is scared, the cruelty which that serial shower on the body of his/ her victim is terrifying, if a normal person can see the body of his victims, they'll get a heart attack.

" for god sake love stop running behind that bastard, leave this fucking job, we'll move from here. for god sake we are parents " yelled her husband on her who was the ex-army officer.

warning ⚠️ disturbing sense ⚠️ wild murders.


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When Alexa entered the mansion she found her father on the couch, he is sitting with some files. Alexa walked near him and hugged her father tightly, her father smiled and kissed her head. "My little princess, how was your day," asked her father but Alexa didn't say anything she snuggles into her father and closed her eyes.