tasha sh Fantasy

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After facing struggle and tragedies, Tasha Sharma decides to live her life her own way but she is unaware of the future that lies ahead.
Taking up a dream job in New York was her new beginning but will this take her to the future she dreamed of or will her joy turn to her misery?

Damien Williams; Playboy, billionaire with a cold heart and insensitivity. Will he find his love or will he loose everything?

When they meet each other, they learn to grow together only to be broken and fighting their own battles to survive one last time.
But will their survival involves them as together? or will they have to let go of each other?
Join their story to find more.


Tags: BillionaireRevengeVampirePossessiveAge GapmagicPowerfulComedyTwisted
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Claiming Her Soul...

Damien’s P.O.V

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I saw her fiddling there with her ass facing me with a clear view of her bare core and the hands resting on the bed. Her womanhood looked still tight and it intrigued me; either she hasn’t done much or maybe... I dunno?

My eyes closed as I started to stroke myself slowly and qu……