Irrevocably In Love With You

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Misunderstanding always leads to hate and revenge. A hate so strong that destroys everything; the thirst of revenge that makes youmit a sin and leaves you hanging with endless questions.

What will you do when you get stabbed by the love of your life on the day you propose her? How will you deal with the pain of being betrayed by the only person whom you love the most, only to be left heartbroken and stabbed in the most brutal way?

Can you hate that person who spoiled your whole living being or will you forgive her knowing that it was just a misunderstanding? Will you be able to deal with your fears and will you be able to trust that person again who gave you a lifetime scar not only on your heart but in your mind too?

It is said that time can heal every wound, but can the broken heart be mended? To know the answers, let’s start on the journey of this irrevocable love which starts from the hate of a girl who in her sister's love misunderstand the only person who loved her the most andmits a sin.

Will she redeem herself? Will she be able to win her love back? Or will her love cut her off permanently from his life and will get lost in his own shell?

So many questions but to know the answers lets read further the story of the Irrevocable love of Rishabh Kundra for his Madhubala.


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