Falling for Mr Taylor

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Mr Taylor, the kind of man that has it all. He is beautiful, confident, successful and charming. He was tall, dark and handsome, no one could deny that. He was used to woman swooning over him, not many can resist him. From the moment I fell in his office door literally i was attracted to him, but I couldn't go down that road, he was my boss after all...I was his assistant and going down that road is wrong.

What I never expected was the attraction to be mutual. I never expected him to be interested in someone like me. I was his Assistant, he knows he should not mix business with pleasure but that does not stop him.

It is hard to avoid someone you are attracted to when you see them everyday, when he has charm that no other man I have come across has had. I try to resist but that's hard to do when he looks at me with those damn eyes.


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