Gia Hunter Romance

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Have you ever experienced while browsing the Internet, suddenly the pop-up ad appears? It's snarking, isn't it? Well, not in the case of the runaway Brit and the heir of the Linton Empire.

That's how Clyve meets the cam girl known as Sindy Kate. In a millisecond his eyes widen, his jaw drops, his muscles tense, his uh. Well, his life turns upside down when Sindy Kate appears on his front door. And the only rule he never plans on breaking has just thrown out his bloody window.


Tags: Love-triangleLive-streamingOpposites AttractSocial MediaBadgirlSensitiveNeighborHeirDramaBxG
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Nark and Jealousy



I HAD been staring at the white wall for God knew how long until I was interrupted.

"Seen anything fancy other than a white paint?" Startling, my head snapped to the voice from my right—it was Skip.

I didn't know why he kept his hair long. He looked like a bloody biker, but I could not say ……