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« I could help you with math. Meet me at the library after gym next Monday. »

I read the note again. The handwriting is one I’ve never seen before and there’s no information about the sender. Thus, I decide to crumble the paper and save it in one of my pockets just to get rid of it later.

There’s no way I’m secretly meeting a stranger just for a couple extra decimals. That would only fill my brain with unnecessary information I will never erase due to the condition I have; hyperthymesia.

But what if that decision alone could help me deal with the memories that my hurtful past has left me with? What if I’m just depriving myself from finding peace?

I mean: if there was a small possibility of finding happiness amid tragedy, would you take a chance?


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At school everything is better.


All the bullshit that has happened has made me more open to meeting new people. I've been talking more with my parents as well. I'm still unsure of telling them about my sexuality, but my mother already suspects about it. My father, however, he doesn't seem to have a problem with it, fortunately……


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