Alpha Triplet's Mate (Romano Series #4)


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"So tight," Aron groaned into her ear, burying himself as deep as he could into his mate. At his sound the omega rolled her eyes back. "And all mine."

Athea cried, rocking back onto the thick c**k ide of her, clenching down on it. Her slick was running down her thigh but she didn't care. She sunk her teeth in her lips when Archer and Aries climbed the bed, hungry look on their face.

The thought of having their cocks all at once made her stomach clench in anticipation. It was common for omegas to have multiple mates, their bodies were made to take Alphas knot. In her case, three knots.

Omegas are a dying breed in Alaska. That is the reason why most Alphas have gone rabid and try to kidnap omegas from other packs to breed.

When the same tragedy happens to Athea Black, her parents turn to the Romanos for help.

Archer Romano isn't keen with the idea of protecting the omega and letting her stay with them just like his brothers, Aron and Aries. But when they meet her for the first, time stills as everyone realises Athea Black is their mate. The future Luna of the Romano pack.

Will they accept her as their mate? Or let her past demons get her and lose her forever to another Alpha forever?


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