The Dark Prince's Obsession (on hold)

Ashea Sparks Fantasy

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"you can't save everyone." she said

"I know but i have to do this." he declares

"why?" she asks

"consider this as my obsession." he smirks and perates a sharp knife deep in her throat.

I am the shadow everyone afraid of. I am darker than the night. i am a predator. last but not least, i am a Ghoul, a demonic entity who fed on human flesh to survive but unfortunately, humans are aware of our existence and they have formed numerous groups of supernatural hunters who hunted us down.

the survivor ghouls hide themself in the shadows, for ever but i can't live a hideous life anymore. To protect my own kind, I blended with humans to survive and find a wayout of this mess.

on my way, i have made friends and enemies but the biggest mistake i committed was, to fall in love with the enemy i have to kill, Alsea Winter.

Alsea is a journalist and a human who have created alot of distraction in achieving my dream but that not end here. she had hid her real identity from everyone for years, the biggest secret that will change the whole world for the supernatural entity that exists in human world.


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Khurana Industries, Monday-12 pm.

everyone on this floor, mainly the executive department people, were running like their back was on fire. they were doing their work more attentively than usual. There was a thick tension in the ambience and could be cut with knives.  

"Get out and do it again..."A……