Aishatuh M Romance

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Living with the teenage thought of life always being a bed of roses, Aisha Umar Faruk got her life damaged at the revelation of her mother being a p**********e and she was raped to pay for the crimes her mother committed.
Dr. Nasir was her saviour and she lived with him, having a fantasy of a love filled life until his heartless brother broke apart her rope of hope and she was left with a broken heart to stitch.
Being married to Abba was a whole painful phase for Aisha and the path she followed in knowing what had been enshrouded even before she was born.
“Who was the guy you were kissing right before the eyes of thousand of people?!”
“What were you doing in A & H hotel with a guy?!”
“Where are you from?” All these questions and even more were asked by her husband and the answer was always the same, “I haven't gone out of this house ever since the day you restrained me from doing so.”
He had never believed her, because she was always the one he saw. But she was telling him the truth, because she wasn't the one he saw. Who was this lady that added more salt to the wounds of Aisha Umar Faruk?


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