My Contract Marriage

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“I will do it! I will marry you! I will do anything that you ask! Please just help my family” Gabriela pleaded with the only person she thought could help her put a roof over her Sister>
After losing her parents in a space of a few years Gabriela decides to get into a contract marriage with one of the most riches men in New York little did she know that the family she married into has its own secrets and now she is caught up in the middle of it all, can she come out of it after the proposed years? Or is there light at the end of the tunnel for her husband and herself?


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Chapter 92 : Gabriella's Plan

“Gabriella!?” Michael shouted her name as he came in the house.

He straight went to his bed room and found her she was sitting down.

“Gabby? What’s wrong? Why are you sitting there at this time of the night” Michael asked her, she smiled at him and he was surprised.

“Are you okay?” Michael asked her and she stood ……