Blood of The Beast

Lily Pierce Romance

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Twenty-six centuries of existence become relevant when Alastair Malacoda comes face to face with destiny in the form of a werewolf named Scylla Narolin. An Alpha female in her prime with ambitions of a Goddess.
All Scylla has known is the love of her father. The rest of the world had deemed her a monster. He is a beast in human form. A man that looks like the goddess of love handcrafted him herself and he wants her all to himself.
Times are changing. The world needs reformation to adapt to the new ways and Scylla plans to lead those who had shunned her into the new age before the ancient ones decide that Supernatural world is no longer fit to coexist with humanity.


Tags: VampireAlphaDarkSecond ChanceKickass HeroinePrinceBeastHeirDramaGirlpowerContestBxG
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    My mother used to tell me that things happen for a reason. That the world is made up of fates that we all have to face one day and that no matter how hard we tried to avoid them, they'd catch up anyway. I think she knows something the rest of us don't because she's never wrong. 

    "Hey, are you awake in there……