Unchain My Heart

BeingDreamer Vampire/Werewolf

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Typical cliche!
You've been warned.

Genevieve Taylor, daughter of a beta or that's what she believes, is mentally and physically abused by her pack. She has no one except her brother who hates her, her pack despises her and so does her mate.

Mason King, Alpha, doesn't want some weak girl to be his mate and Luna of his pack. So the only option remained is REJECTION...

All tables turn when she leaves with his baby growing inside of her for never coming back and that's when some secrets are revealed.

And now Mason wants his mate back!! Hurt, rejected, abused and mentally broken Genevieve has no option but to surrender in front of her destiny. Maybe she will find everything she wants or she will lose something she has. It's a cruel game and she is nothing but an innocent soul trying to be happy.


Tags: PackSubmissivePowerfulDramaTragedyTwistedSweetBxG
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"Cade baby, have you seen Char? Where is she?" I asked my two years old who was busy munching on his chocolate.

"She is in the backyard with dad," he mumbled and resumed his eating.

A small smile crept on my face as I shook my head. Of course she was with her dad; after all, she wa……