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Arav Malhotra is the black sheep of the family who disowns family business to pursue a career he is passionate about. He is tired of being the 'average' Malhotra amidst his popular and successful father and brothers. With a disappointed father, crazy family and a lonely profession, he lacks spice in his life. The secretary that his brother handpicks for Arav was an unwelcome addition to his his life. However, his sweet, no filter to mouth secretary, Anjali Sharma, brings to his life a colorful angle. Sparks fly and attraction is inevitable. With Anjali Sharma hell bent on friend-zoning her boss. Will Arav manage to become the man of dreams for his girl friday?


Tags: BillionaireOfficeGoodgirlBossArtistSecretaryAssistantDramaComedySweet
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