The Bad-tempered Series 1: The Monstrous King(Tagalog)

mimi551990 Billionaire

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(The following names, events, and some places are purely came out from the author's mind.)

What happened when two different worlds clashed together?

Meet Ysla, isang katutubong Apyaw who's physically different from the others. Alam niyang nakita lamang siya sa isang bangin ng mag-asawang Apyaw and yet raised like their own kind. Kaya 'di man siya isang katutubong Apyaw by blood--she would eventually risk her life and fight for those cruel people na walang hinangad kundi and kamkamin ang kanilang lupa!

Will her valor tamed Blaire Ademar--the known bad-tempered billionaire?
Or eventually havoc her faith, piece by piece and leave nothing but a shattered heart?


Tags: BillionaireRevengePossessiveManipulativeCEODramaComedyTwistedSweetGirlpowerContest
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“My silence is not weak but the beginning of my revenge.”



After twelve long years..


Ynia Lhairez Ortega Ademar. Grown as fair as her exquisite mother and of course, an impeccable resemblance of Blaire Ademar.