Damien - The Beginning


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Damien glared at Walter with gleaming eyes, while placing a firm hand on Kiara's waist. He pulled her to himself, making her gasp as she placed her hands on his chest.

"What are you-" Kiara tried, but Damien interrupted her again.

"I told you not to interfere," he repeated.

"What are you doing? Let her go," Walter said, frowning. "I'm her date, not you."

"Not anymore." Damien shifted his gaze to Kiara now, and his eyes softened, the glow abating. Without warning, he cupped her cheek with his free hand, and leaned in, pressing his lips against hers. Kiara's eyes widened in shock, and her body froze in position, not knowing how to react. Her sweet scent took over his senses, and he pulled her tighter against himself, relishing in the touch.

- - - -

Hayes Adler belongs to the Blue Timbers, a pack strict in their principles. His routine is monotonous - hunt, fight, and sleep with random pack members, wondering when his mate will show up and change his life. He is completely ordinary, or so everyone believes, his dark impulses a secret to the rest of the world: to everyone, except his parents, who he loves more than he lets on.

However, when his father commits a grave sin, and his only punishment is by death, Hayes is suddenly turned into a rogue wolf, kicked out of his pack, and humiliated. Left in the world of darkness, alone and cold, he vows revenge on the leaders of his pack, promising to destroy them, no matter what it takes.

Add a splash of romance, action, and a lot of darkness, and you have the story of how Hayes Adler, a stigmatized werewolf, became known as Damien - the 'Dark Alpha' who is feared by the whole world.


Tags: revengealphadarkfamilymanipulativepowerfulomegatragedypackWriting Academy
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