Damien - The Beginning

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"It's so fucking easy to say, 'What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.' People say it like it's a natural process, as if tragedy morphs into power and infiltrates into your blood and bones by itself. Bull-fucking-s**t. It's you, who choose whether to become stronger, or to submit to it. It's you who choose whether to stand back up, fix your armor and fight on, or whether to keep lying on the ground, beaten and cold. It's you, who choose whether to succumb to the darkness and let it swallow you whole, or to become the fucking darkness yourself. It all depends on you, my Love. And I, I chose to become the Darkness."

- - -

Hayes Adler belongs to the Blue Timbers, a powerful, organized pack, strict in their principles. His life is like that of any other wolf - hunt, fight for your pack, and sleep with random pack members while wondering when your mate will show up and change your life. He is completely ordinary, or so everyone believes, his dark impulses a secret to the rest of the world: to everyone, except his parents, who he loves more than he lets on.

However, when his father commits a grave sin, and his only punishment is by death, Hayes is suddenly turned into a rogue wolf, kicked out of his pack, and humiliated. Left in the world of darkness, alone and cold, he vows revenge on the leaders of his pack, promising to destroy them, no matter what it takes.

Add a splash of romance, action, and a lot of darkness, and you have the story of how Hayes Adler, a stigmatized werewolf, became known as Damien - the 'Dark Alpha' who is feared by the whole world.

Can be read as a stand-alone book.


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