Heartbreaker Episode 2

George Saoulidis Romance

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Wanna break up? There's an app for that.

Dexter meets Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce in this snarky black comedy that follows Eris as she toys with people's lives.

When 25 year-old Eris gets fired from her minimum-wage job, she stumbles on her friend's startup which outsources bad news to people. But will she manage to keep her friendships intact when she finds out she's very good at delivering breakups, when demand is really picking up and when the recipients don't take to the news too kindly?

pired by the Greek Goddess of Eris and by today's app services obsession.

Do you want to meet Eris? Do you want to see the waterworks? Then read this black comedy that will make your heart break.

This episode takes place a week after the first one. Eris is struggling to keep with the demand, breakups are coming in constantly. Will the team manage to keep the service running?


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