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When you're kidnapped, maybe you think you'll find your true destiny in another world (not me), or maybe you'll be kidnapped by One Direction, or something like that (still not me) or maybe you'll be kidnapped by a super-hot guy (yes, but he hates me).
Do you expect to get beaten?
To be treated like a slave?
To be sold like a slave?
Maybe, maybe not. But there's always one thought we kidnapped have in common: ESCAPE.


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~1 Month Later~

"Trixa!" My dad yelled. "Trixa, come downstairs!"

"Coming, Dad!" I shouted back, then typed in hurriedly on the computer, Sry, brb. Dad is calling me. ~TrixaGrey~

A message appeared a few seconds after I hit 'enter'. Cool, ok. ~Kaden304~

I left the laptop in my room and stumped down the stair……