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Kuma999 Suspense/Thriller

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When weakness becomes strength;
And poverty becomes wealth;
When your wildest fancies come to life;
and you face the world with all the power you’ve ever dreamed of;
Would you change the world?
From today on, you will have one of the 50 superpowers that will shape the fate of the world.
But only one in the 50 can survive.
Will you be the one?


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Chapter 60 : Landing Pad

“Come here, I’ll give you a tour.”


Andrew enthusiastically introduced the big house he had rented like a guide. “It’s got 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. There’s a theatre, built in bar, a balcony with a view of downtown, its own laundry room…everything. What do you think?” He grinned.


Allan looked around th……