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"My queen, please be reasonable" Lauren cried as she stood in my way with the others.

I knew they were all doing this for my own sake, but I couldn't stay any longer.

"Get out of my way!" I yelled angrily.

Lauren looked at Miriam and Debby pleadingly.

"We won't, my queen you can't go back to your Fathers kingdom while you are still a virgin, people will laugh at you and call you names, many will think of you as a failure" Debby said loudly.

"Please let me go before everyone wakes up" I whispered fighting the tears that were threatening to fall.

"If you leave now and go back, who will take you as a wife there, they will all think that you are tainted and impure" Bridget said as they all nodded.

"I can't stay here, we all know how much he hates me, he will never lay a finger on me, to him I'm not a wife but a dog, I will die with my purity so don't waste my time and step aside" I said as a tear rolled on my cheek.

I was hurting and staying here was making it worse.

"What will I tell the people, what will I tell his majesty when he realises that you are gone?" Miriam asked with forming tears.

I slowly got on my knees with blurry eyes filled with tears.

"Please sister's, don't do this to me, you usually see how badly I'm mistreated here, let me go back to my father where I will be ashamed but be well respected" I cried.


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