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Cristal wants out of her marriage; Barnaby wants to save the world; Nia wants a baby; John is trying to stay on a reality TV show; and what they all want is real love. Tourists flock to the town of Newburg, Pennsylvania, in the year 2047. The Victorian charm is maintained through the dollars visitors bring, but it's not only the history people come to see. There's also the "Homestead Show," a reality TV show people donate goods for, and the Lady's courtesans who keep rich men happy. And underneath it all is a magic most people don't understand. So when a stressed-out housewife discovers a supernatural connection to the town's most famous resident and a wannabe courtesan gets more than she asks for when she talks to a show contestant, all bets are off as to what will happen next. Their relationships may not be physically real, but they want them to be real more than they've wanted anything else in their lives.


Tags: ActionAdventureParanormalForbiddenSecond ChancePregnantSensitivePowerfulDramaBxG
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Chapter 59: Bernard

A woman in a miniskirt and cream-colored blouse took Bernard to a waiting area in an old industrial building not too far from his own offices. The room had seven upholstered chairs in fancy striped patterns. They would’ve all looked brand new except for the layer of dust on three of them. Bernard took care to sit on one without dust.

“Is t……