Phoenix (Book Two of the Forbidden Trilogy)


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When you wake up in someone else’s body, it tends to throw you for a loop.
At least I knew whose body I was in. Not long ago, I’d learned the devastating secrets hidden in my family’s closet, which had led to the revelation my twin sister, Celeste—who I had been told was dead since birth—was alive, healthy and planning on killing me to start a revolution. Not her revolution, though. Victor’s. The immortal who'd been so severely wronged by my family decided to seek revenge against them and every other member in the Immortal Councils for any injustices caused.
While I impatiently waited for this body to accept my soul, and regain my strength, Nikolai, Gabriel, Matt and Erwin were fast at work trying to gain Celeste’s trust. To show her what true, selfless love looked and felt like, because heaven knew Victor only ever fronted his affections for her. Since her birth he had abused her, forsaken her, and broken her in every way imaginable until she was just an obedient puppet. I wanted her to know what real life was like, to know the difference between Victor’s kind of love and real love. I was confident, if we succeeded in doing this, she would turn on her own against Victor and help us win this war.
This did not overshadow the main reasons for why I was now a ghost. As my crew faced the daunting task of secretly turning Celeste, I had my own agendas to follow. Thankfully, only a few short weeks into my recovery I was visited by one of the Angelic Deities in the HIC. He’d found me after realizing Celeste was not who she said she was. After listening to my story, he decided to lend me his help in gaining a conference with his fellow Archangels. His suggestion on how to do that, though, was terrifying to say the least and would push me to the limits of everything I knew, to the very limits of my existence.
Time would tell if either one of us was strong enough to rise like a phoenix from the ashes we had been chained in, or if we would ultimately perish.


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