Playing with Mr Arrogant

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Marco Gomez the guys who fits the perfect description of Arrogant - having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities -

That was him down to a tee...he was an arrogant asshole who thinks he has the right to get what he wants and treat people how he likes. He can get woman with a click of a finger. He believes he is God's gift and he usually gets away with acting that way...until now...until her.

Luna is immune to him, well more than anyone else, she is feisty, headstrong and independent...the sort of girl who doesn't put up with any guys bullshit and when Marco sets his sights on her she decided to teach him a lesson, play him at his own game. She has him eating out the palm of her hand in no time but he has no clue she is only playing with him the same way he plays with was time for Mr Arrogant to get the taste of his own medicine, what no-one seen coming was a whole lot of heartache and drama.


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Luna’s P.O.V

Marco and I were still out, both a little tipsy and having fun. We were in one of the bars in down, Marco was sitting at our table and I was dancing to the music…alone and not having a care in the world. Marco’s eyes were firmly on me as I did along with other eyes. Those others eyes I ignored, I was doing this for Marco’s be……