The Assumed Fake Spell


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Book 1 of the Silver Moon Series
Andrea was just a child when both of her parents were killed during a vicious rogue attack. Upon their death, Andrea's older brother Anton was promoted to be the Beta of their pack, known as The Forest Pack. Andrea ends up being raised by her older brother and her bestfriend Jada's parents. After making a fake spell with Jada, the girls wait for years to find their mates. After waiting with no luck, Andrea decides to visit relatives in another pack. Not only has she not found her mate, but she has noticed things about herself, that she doesn't understand and hopes that her relatives can explain.

Jesse is the Beta to his pack, known as the Twisted Moon Pack. He used to want to meet his mate, but after seeing the anguish his mother went through after losing her mate, he decided he didn't want to ever feel that kind of pain. He decided to live the bachelor life with no regrets. Partying with his friends and sleeping with different shewolves was the life Jesse wanted.


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    It had been almost five months since we grouped together and casted the protection spell.  All of my pups were walking and talking now, and life had been going great.  The number of hybrids in our pack had grown significantly, bringing us to a total of eighty-two, including me and my pups. &……