Fighting Kane

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At the largest Coming of Age Ball since the current King's, Prince Kane is to select his future Queen from the finest and noblest of families invited to the event. Kane doesn't know what he wants, but he is certain that when he sees her, he will just know. When Kane makes finally makes his selection, no one is more shocked than the female he chooses. She only attended to be of support to her best friend who has wished all her life to be Queen. Besides, she has promised herself to another and only awaits his 18th birthday to feel the inevitable mate pull she is certain will come.
"Has anyone ever touched your breasts before, little dove?" he asked. Her head shook, answering him silently with a 'no'.
"How about your pussy?" he asked, his lips now scraping against the soft flesh of her ears.
"Kane?" she asked, her voice quivering. He wasn't sure if she was frightened or aroused, though he hoped for the latter.
"Answer me, Alexandria," he told her. "Has anyone pleasured you in such ways?" His hand came down and squeezed gently at her breast before tweaking her nipple through the layers of cloth.
"N-no," she spoke and Kane watched as her eyes closed briefly.
"Good," he said in a rumbling growl. "I will be the first to touch you intimately then, though I have no doubt you have traded kisses with that handsome lad you were dating."


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